TEDxPerryville will host a range of diverse topics that relate specifically to the thoughts, wants, and needs of the women who are behind bars. 

Business and Corrections

What is the impact on society when businesses take action and empower an often overlooked population? We'll take a look at the positive benefits business and corrections can have when they work in conjunction. 


Traditionally we think of education as only something that can occur in a school environment. Whether it be Youtube, Khan Academy, or something else, there are now a variety of ways in which people can attain a specialized knowledge of almost anything. Women behind bars are proving this point. 

Drug Addiction and Treatment

There are a lot of issues affecting the American public these days, but Opiod and Meth addiction are easily some of the worse. The state of Arizona is advancing new techniques in how we treat these addictions. 

Parenting while Incarcerated

Few understand the grief and trauma that come with separating from your child. Women who are incarcerated are often under extreme duress. Not to mention this has a huge impact on the children of the incarcerated.